Chronic Injury, Inflammation and Arthritis

"I've had chronic knee pain for over 40 years. I was told I had arthritis and that I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. It got so bad that I could barely walk upstairs, and going down stairs was nearly impossible. I was on aleve and later, celebrex for the pain. After seeing Dr. Molitor I'm nearly pain free and can walk up and down the stairs again!" - Greg L., Retired Serviceman

Inflammation is a normal response to cellular injury. Despite the fact that drug advertisers have emphasized the harmful effects of inflammation, the fact remains that without this process our bodies could not survive. Inflammation represents a protective response designed to rid the body of the initial cause of cell damage and the consequences of the original injury or illness.

Caption: Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Hands

There are two types of inflammation: acute and chronic.

Acute inflammation is characterized by a rapid onset and short duration. A sprained ankle, a whiplash injury or the first occurrence of lower back pain basically have the same acute response. Sometimes healing takes place with only a faint memory of the injury. But far more often, the first occurrence is the beginning of lifetime of pain and loss of enjoyment of function and health.

Chronic inflammation inevitably causes tissue damage and is accompanied by simultaneous attempts at healing and repair. Inflammation for prolonged periods of time can be thought of as the healing process in overdrive, and degenerative changes can occur to localized tissues as well as the entire body.

At the Advanced Integrative Health Center, we encourage early intervention in acute injuries as a way to promote healing and reduce the chance of chronic progression. We design a specific treatment protocol that will help reduce or eliminate the inflammatory condition. Whether you have been told your condition is from an old injury, osteoarthritis, or a metabolic process such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis, we can help!

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