Head, Neck, Back Pain and Injuries

"Dr. Molitor got me out of pain fast. Thanks Doc!" - Theresa S., Athlete

When the spinal cord, the vertabrae, or any of the thirty-one pairs of nerves attached to the spine are subjected to trauma and become misaligned, the consequences can be far-reaching. Since each of those nerves connects directly to different parts of the body, a spinal injury can ultimately create discomfort in various extremities as well as along the spine, itself.

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Eight of ten adults suffer from back pain, neck pain or spinal injuries sometime in their lives. At the Health Source Wellness Center, we practice a safe, non-surgical, drug-free technique for the treatment of neck, lower back and other spinal injuries. The treatment also includes comprehensive rehabilitation programs designed to help you resume your normal activities. By combining state of the art diagnostic methods with gentle treatments to the affected areas, and one-on-one patient education, we can help ease your discomfort, address the source of the discomfort, and show you how to make adjustments in your habits and lifestyle that might help you avoid a recurrence of your painful injury.

"I came in to see Dr. Molitor due to unrelenting low back pain. I couldn't even stand up straight it was so bad! After the first treatment I could stand upright again, and within a short time I was completely pain free! Now I go see him once a month to make sure I feel this great! Dr. Molitor is absolutely fantastic!" - Gary D., MSG US Army (Ret.)

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