Melt the Fat: The Fat-Blast Diet!

“I just wanted to tell you that you are costing me a small fortune! None of my clothes are fitting anymore! They are literally falling off of me! I am spending a ton either having my old clothes retailored or buying new ones! ;-) Thanks Dr. Molitor!" – Cynthia T., Marketing Director

Overweight? Uncontrollable food cravings? Need to fit into that dress or tux quickly before that special day?
Or want to jumpstart your weight loss?

Look no further than our exclusive Fat-Blast Diet! We are excited to offer our patients an exclusive weight-loss program that literally burns the fat off. This is a scientifically formulated, doctor supervised diet plan that leads to a rapid reduction in body fat – typically from 10 to 20 pounds in 28 days is common without a loss of lean muscle mass.

Incredibly this diet, when followed correctly, neurologically triggers a long-lasting change in food cravings, tastes, and negative behaviors regarding food decisions. Most patients on this diet plan report a significant decrease or complete loss of desire for fast foods, junk foods, sugary, and fried foods, while simultaneously developing a taste for healthier food choices, such as vegetables and fruits. Also, this diet enhances our patient’s feelings of dietary control – literally putting the power of food back into your hands!

The fat-blast diet achieves this primarily through the use of a liquid nutrition protocol and targeted meal planning lasting 28 days. After the initial 4 weeks, there is a two-week “transition phase” that takes you off of the diet and on to a regular eating program. We have found that additional body fat is lost during this two week phase, and this transition period is a key component that is neglected in most other diets promising quick weight-loss!

To accompany the Fat-Blast diet we design a customized physical activity program for each patient, and there is no long cardio workouts necessary!

“I was 146lbs and around 35% body fat when I first heard about Dr. Molitor’s Fat-Blast diet. I was going to be getting married in 6 weeks and couldn’t fit into my own wedding dress! In just 28 days I lost 17lbs of fat, went down several sizes, and was at 24% body fat! Oh yeah, by the way, I fit into my wedding dress with some space to spare! You rock Dr. Molitor! I’m sending all my friends to see you!" – Jen N., Engineer

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